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15 July 2003 @ 09:00 am
hey...this is my last public entry do to recent events. I am sorry

but my journal will now be FRIENDS only. If you are not on my friends list, comment here if you want to be added

Thank you
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14 July 2003 @ 07:03 pm
well, my day went well. I had to be to work so early today that I about fell over and went to sleep

oh then my step dad took the car to go to the banks and crap...and I forgot to ask him to get my walker out of the car.

Before we got to the office, I drank a whole bunch of coffee...I think you know where I am going with this haha

about 30 minutes after I drank my wonderful coffee that was so good, I had to PEE REALLY BAD! However, I could not get to the bathroom because I cannot walk without my walker ya know? so my mom says, "sar just hold it till dennis gets back" I tried, but couldn't do it! Eventually she took me to the bathroom haha

hmm yep, that is all for today...have a good night...God bless
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13 July 2003 @ 08:51 pm
What is love? - Jesus Christ
Name 3 things you feel very passionate about - Jesus, Music/promoting bands, Poetry
Does fire fascinate you? - sure
Do you have a short temper? - no
Are you a friend to dragons? - hmm nah
Are you very warm hearted? - yes
Do you feel intense emotions? - yes

Are you bright? - I like to think I am
What are the three most wholesome things you've done lately? - eh what?
Is vibrance a good characteristic to have? - sure
Are you rich in self confidence? - it depends
Are you rich in vitamin c? - I drink orange juice every day!!

Are you a very happy person? - yes!
Do you like the sun? - Yes!
Do you ever feel utter and complete joy? - Yes!
Do you feel like the volume in your life is all the way up? - mostly
Do you feel warm inside when you hug people? - yes!
If you were a care bear would you be cheer bear? - yeah!
Are you lemon scented? - just call me Joy haha

Are you incredibly lucky? - sometimes
Are you easy going? - yes
Are you very mischievious? - nah
Are you very lusty/sexy? - I like to pretend I am
Ever find a four leafed clover? - yes
Are you fresh like mint? - ya
Does nature speak to you? - nah

Do you love to look at water? - yep
Are you calm/relaxed? - yes
Is it very difficult to upset you? - nope
Are you at peace? - yea
Are you comforting? - yep
Are you well balanced? - sometimes
Are you content? - not right at this moment

Are you royalty? - nah
Are you very free spirited? - yes
Are you conceited? - no
Do you have a passion for indulgence? - hmm...I dunno
Are you a grape? - sure why not...I like grapes
Are you a purple horseshoe? - no

Are you less than intense? - no
Are you incredibly feminine? - I am, but not overly feminine

Do you absorb everything possible? - umm no
Are you incredibly energetic? - nope

Are you expensive? - no
Are you worth it? - yes...because Loreal says so lol
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13 July 2003 @ 08:26 pm
ugh...mark leaves in two weeks to go to the desert. I'm going to miss him:( Very, very much...he is one of my best guy friends you know. I wish for him to stay

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12 July 2003 @ 10:53 pm
There are many times when I look around at young women today and I see them dressing as Hos. I wonder why these girls feel as if they need to dress that way...ya know, showing skin, wearing tight articles of clothing, and letting their g-strings hang out. I must say that I know the answer. It is because they want to be attractive to hommie g funk doggs...otherwise known as guys or dudes.

So brings me to the point of my entry here. I fully 200% support the NoHo Pledge. I am a special woman of God. God desires for me to respect myself in the way I dress. Young women need to know that when the right guy comes along, he will like you for who you are...that means, he will think you are sexy if you are fully clothed.

I ask you please...help the men out there. Cover yourselves up!!!! It's very difficult for men not to look you know. You can still be sexy without showing skin. Take the NoHo pledge today!!

This message has been brought to you on behalf of "today sarah saw 80.5 young girls today at the mall half clothed"
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12 July 2003 @ 06:11 pm
woo! The women on my friends' list are going to be so proud of me!

Today, I went shopping at Bealls, and I got 4 pairs of shorts and 7 tank tops all for $130.00! Normally, it would be like 200 and something, but I got 70% off on most everything. Yea! Go me haha

I saw Josh, Eric, and Donny from church at the mall. They were eating at chic-fli-a. Kinda funny I saw them there. I've been asking God if Josh ya know...kinda liked me, and it's been revealed to me about 5 different times...Weird. I guess I like Josh, I mean, he's 24, a really good friend, and treats me really well when I'm out with him (not in a date kinda way) But ya see...Josh is...kinda immature. I can't stand that in an older guy. I do like someone who can make me laugh of course, but don't act stupid all the time ya know? There's a difference...

But we'll see...maybe it'll be different after I get to know him even on a more personal level. eh, anyways, I still like band guy...so I'm gonna see what happens with that. Frankly it's up to God who I'm with, so I'm not worried. See and ya know what else? Josh knows I like band guy...and always asks questions about band guy and all...man, I guess that does mean Josh likes me? whatever...

moving on from my guy troubles

I'm feeling so much better today!! Like a lot:)

My mom and I saw Katie (my cousin) and her daughter (who is 3) at the mall...so we shopped with them and then ate at ruby tuesday for lunch. Let me tell you man...if you have a ruby tuesday in your area...run there and go try the strawberry lemonade...it's so frikin good!

As we left, Mckala...katie's daughter (I never can spell her name right haha) said, "bye cousin Sarah...I lobe you" That's so awesome haha:o) She's such a sweet little girl.

edit: omgosh! I forgot to mention one of the most important things I did today. Right...so, I went into sam goody and they had the Pillar remastered "Fireproof" CD there in the Christian section. A lady was over in the Christian section as well, and I told her, "I promote this band!" She says, "Oh really? I listen to the contemporary Christian station all the time and I've not ever heard of them. I told her they were Christian alternative/rapcore, so they more than likely play them in the night time hours. I told her I was going over to the secular part of the CD store, and I was gonna put the Pillar CDs behind some of the best selling albums out there. She then says, "hey let me help you with that...these kids today need something good like this band!" so I was all \m/! Then she put one in front of the Pink CD, I put one in front of the new Powerman 5000, and I also put one in the front of the store...in front of the Evanescence CD! Go me!!! The boys are gonna be so proud of me! Wait till I call them haha

ps-Today I took the NoHo Pledge! You should too!!

Bye!!!!! God bless

"The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace."-Numbers 6:26
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11 July 2003 @ 11:18 am
perhaps I should type the truth to you.

I'm upset again...like very upset. I have been upset for the past week about everything. Mainly what I'm going to do with my life. I want to promote badly, but my parents do not want that...and it seems as if I've lived my life to please them...instead of God. You know about this, as I have typed about it before...but this time it's really bad. I try to focus on God, and right now I just can't...because I can't be patient and wait for doors to open...since my parents want me to do something right away. But God's plan sometimes takes waiting...I know this, but they do not...

It upsets me that I have a huge insecurity about myself still...which is honestly...that I can't deal with it when people make fun of me. I hate being upset I just hate it...I'm usually always so happy and positive...I don't know what's wrong. I'm just stuck in a rut I suppose. But I don't like this...I don't like the direction my life is going. I talk to God about this a lot...but sometimes (even for a strong believer like myself) it is hard to just shut up and listen to find out what He wants you to do in your life.

I'm hoping some doors will open very soon for my promotion with bands. I keep praying I'll get an internship at a Christian record lable and be able to get out on my own and start living my own life. You know what kills me? I'm almost 20 years old, and I still live at home and depend greatly upon my parents for help since I have my disability. I have no frikin clue what it's like to be on my own...none at all. I have no idea how to do anything without them...this scares me for when I finally am on my own. You think my future boy friend/fiance/husband is going to want to have to take care of me? No...I doubt that very much. There comes a point where I have to learn how to do it on my own. I hate feeling like I'm disappointed with who I am because I have my walker and wheelchair...come to think of it, I'm not disappointed with who I am...I never will be. But at the same time, I really dislike people that come up to me and say I need to be healed. I'm not usually upset with this, and you all know that 96% of the time, it does not bother me. So if you thought about commenting and telling me I need to be healed, please save that crap. I don't want to listen to it.

Everyone has their tough moments, and right now I am going through one of mine...don't make me feel worse than I already am

Bye, God bless
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10 July 2003 @ 11:26 pm
I wish I could tell you
all that is within me
If I told you I loved you
you act like you don't care
I still remember your face
when the words came out of your mouth
they keep playing back in my mind
I just block them out
because it's something I don't want to believe
my mind drives on
but in reality I can't let go
because I miss your face
and I need you here
yet tonight you are so far away...
so absent...and I can't sense you
you are the reason for my tears.(c) SJJ 7-10-03
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10 July 2003 @ 09:06 pm
This entry is for you!

haha you see the good promotion there?!

*clears throat*


oh ya man, that was so better than last night and you know it!

now comment if you want to and leave who you are from the message board so I know haha

sorry to my LJ friends to have to be reading this...but you can comment to if you feel the metal! haha
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I'm getting ready for work right now, and I am so very tired...I just couldn't sleep last night and now my neck hurts from sleeping on it wrong.

I'm gonna post a new survey soon..should be fun

I'm going to e-mail band guy today =) yay!

I'm so very lonely right now

Have a nice day...I'll update later

God bless
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